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Ai Assets Hunter

Algorithm for automatic trading on centralized exchanges
Ai Assets is an algorithm for automatic trading on centralized exchanges. The algorithm, based on analytics, purchases assets based on fundamental analytics.
Asset purchases and sales take place in two daily and weekly wave phases.
Benefits: Reduction of financial risk due to advanced analytics and asset diversification.
Algorithmic trading has been a tool of large investors and hedge funds since its appearance in the early 90s of the last century. Decimalization (the transition on the New York Stock Exchange to use the decimal system in stock trading - the minimum price step has become equal to 1 cent, not 1/16 dollars), direct Market Access technologies (Direct Market Access, DMA), 100% electronic exchanges, reduction of commissions of exchanges and brokers, the appearance of various exchange platforms in The United States and other countries — all this has led to an explosive increase in the number of traders using algorithms.
AI abilities in trading on the stock exchange Compared to bots, which need to be constantly reconfigured, artificial intelligence is able to act independently, without human intervention. He can come up with trading strategies, test and refine them. Can take into account market trends in order to improve with the help of newly acquired knowledge.