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Ai Farming Hunter

Cross-network for Farming.
Ai Farming – cross-network search and selection of the most profitable pools for Farming.
The algorithm searches and analyzes 10 pools with the most profitable rate based on the initial Api.
Next, the algorithm performs an internal check of the selected pools and identifies 5 less risky pools. These pools will be intended for use in the investment portfolio of low-risk assets.
Benefits: Reduction of financial risk due to advanced analytics and asset diversification.

Farm System | Yield Aggregator

Ai Farming Hunter a list of repositories for the following chains and networks will be used for analytics:
  • Huobi ECO Chain (HECO)
  • Avalance chain (AVAX)
  • Fantom chain (FTM)
  • Moonriver chain (MOVR)
  • OEC Chain (OKB) (OKEx)
  • xDai Chain (xDai)
  • Cronos Chain (CRO)
  • Aurora (NEAR)
  • Celo Chain (CELO)
  • Harmony (ONE)
  • Velas (VLX)
  • Oasis (ROSE)