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A Problem Worth Solving

On the crypto market, you can find traders who offer to do nothing and get a solid income. We are talking about the trust management of cryptocurrency. You give a professional trader cash or cryptocurrency, and he increases your account balance by 10-20% per month and charges an extremely modest fee for his services.
Many people have already lost their money by trusting these "experienced" traders. Why is this happening and how true are the promises of those who offer to take your cryptocurrency into trust management?
The only thing that remains of the classic trust management in the cryptocurrency market is the principle of operation. That is, the transfer of your assets under the management of another person. Everything else has changed beyond recognition:
There is no legal framework here. Even if you transfer the cryptocurrency to the management under an official agreement, this does not give any guarantees of the safety of your investments. Because there are no laws describing compensation mechanisms in such cases. The activities of traders and funds providing services of trust management of cryptocurrency are not controlled by anyone. No matter how negative their clients' deposits are, no one will forbid them to attract new ones.
There is no way to check the real professionalism of traders. Therefore, anyone can call themselves a successful crypto trader or even announce the creation of an investment fund.
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