VEROS investing
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It is planned to attract a team of more than 30 people to VEROS INVEST, including mathematicians, analysts and risk managers. Together, they will ensure the systematic investment of funds to more than 100,000 investors. The merit of mathematicians can be considered the development of unique algorithms for creating investment portfolios, special rebalancing techniques. Risk management algorithms will be developed to create maximum ROI, avoid risks and a thorough mechanism for the safe storage of investors' funds.
The analytical department and algorithms based on artificial intelligence will build predictive correlation models based on the relationship between media analytics and big data, media monitoring, automatic detection of emerging trends in digital and expert tracking of blockchain industry events. The team will also have a team of professional traders and investment analysts who work on maximizing the profitability of strategies and reducing risks.
The partners of the platform have extensive experience in the field of macroeconomic analysis and investment in the foreign exchange and futures markets. They also have experience in developing trading algorithms to optimize and automate trading algorithms.
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